Coronavirus Update – April 2020

Dear Members,

On Wednesday the FFA and FV announced that grass roots football would be further postponed until 31st May, to come in line with all other major winter sporting codes in the country.

This decision, although extremely disappointing for all of us, has been made in the best interest of the wider community as we all do a part to help stop the spread of Covid 19.

As a club we are ready to go as soon as we are giving the green light to start; the Committee and our Technical Directors have worked tirelessly since the start of October to prepare the club for season 2020. Over 95% of the season preparations had already been completed when the initial postponement was announced. We can now only wait until further correspondence comes from our governing bodies as to what the next steps will be. Let’s all hope that involves getting the season underway in whatever format that may look like; anything will be better than nothing!!!

The Club had already invested and undertaken the majority of our major work in the months leading into the season, the redevelopment of the grounds has been completed, which we are pleased to say have never been in a better condition. All of our members’ playing kits, off field apparel, new balls, bibs, cones etc have been purchased and paid for in full; this is now all at the club ready to go for the season. Our coaches and teams are finalised awaiting to get back to training when we receive authorisation from our Governing Body, the FV, that it is safe to do so.

We understand that there are a lot of disappointed young footballers that are desperate to get back to playing football and looking forward to seeing all their teammates. Assure them that this is only a small break in their football journey and brighter days are ahead.

To those members that have businesses and are doing it tough in these times, please send us through any links to your business and we are happy to give you guys a shout out on our social media pages which reach a huge audience. Let’s see if we can’t generate some additional business for you guys. In these times we must all stick together and support one another however we can; we are all doing it tough in our own ways and community support is what MSC is all about.

These are difficult times and the club is feeling the pinch like any other business. Our sponsorship revenue has been basically been put on hold with so many business finding it really tough in this climate, this leaves a massive whole in excess of $140,000.00 in the club’s annual income that a community club relies on each and every year to be able to provide everything we can for our members. We hope that being able to get a season underway at some point this year we will be able to work with our long term sponsors again, but at this stage it is an unknown.

Below is a link to an email from the FV with some videos and training drills for the kids to work on in the backyard or down the park (in two’s only, and practicing social distancing) whilst they are away from their normal training sessions.

We hope that everyone is staying safe and we look forward to seeing you all soon when we can all get back to the club and do what we love, playing and supporting grass roots football.


Matt Cameron
Mornington Soccer Club